[Ended]Watch_Dogs is free on PC now for a limited time

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Good news and great deal here! Ubisoft is giving away Watch_Dogs for free now for limited time only. The giveaway started on 8th November 2017 and will be ended in a few days later on 14th November.!

If you have ubisoft account already, kindly login to get the game. If you haven’t, please register an Ubisoft account and redeem the game.

Please visit here for the game giveaway page. Scroll down for more details about the game.

Hacking mainframe

Watch_Dogs is released in year 2014 and it is an open world game by Ubisoft which focuses on hacking. You are allowed to hack! Yes, you will experience the all new open world hacking that you never before where you have freedom to hack your neighbor WiFi. That was just a joke, alright, you are allowed to hack anything inside the game including phones, traffic lights, cars and so on.

Thus, release your inner little hacking monster and hack your way through the game!