UniFi General Info Guide with Latest Updates – Installation, Subscription Process, Available Packages

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This post serves as a general guideline for both upcoming and current subscribers of TM’s UniFi and is only updated as of the following date. This is a community initiative and all information provided are not officially endorsed by TM except for the images clearly indicated. All information is confirmed with TM staff and agents based in Sarawak but should still hold true for the rest of Malaysia

Please do your part and comment for anything that is incorrect in this post and I will update accordingly. Hope it helps!

Updated as of 2 June 2016

What is known (latest updates):

1. UniFi ADVANCE (30&50Mbps) and UniFi PRO 100Mbps is now available everywhere for all eligible areas
2. No bandwidth caps in the foreseeable future unless specified
3. Contract period of 24 months and termination during contract period penalty of RM500 (may subject to changes and terms)
4. UniFi30 and UniFi50’s upload speed has been updated as follow:
UniFi30 – from 5Mbps to 10Mbps
UniFi50 – from 10Mbps to 20Mbps
If you are still having the old upload speed, you must call 100 and tell your “account still using old setting”. No need for any technician to come in your premise even if they say so (happened to me)
5. The old packages of UniFi VIP5, VIP10 and VIP20 are no longer available for new registration (please confirm if you are still able to register for this)

UniFi PRO Plan 100Mbps

UniFi Advance (30Mbps & 50Mbps)

Will I be charged for installation?
Important note: Most common installation that does not require ‘extended’ internal wiring is FREE. If technician still say otherwise, just tell them this is not the case. If they still insist on payment just request a receipt. I am hearing reports of installations being charged even though it should be free

What is the expected process after subscribing UNIFI?

Images by TM