TM Unifi & Streamyx 2018 Network Routing and Cable Issue Analysis and Fixes (UPDATED 2019)

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[Article will be continually updated until further notice]
UPDATE 10 April 2019 – [RESOLVED]Similar issue confirmed happening again to users based in Sarawak and Sabah at around 4pm due unknown issue. No official statements regarding this

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Related to issue 5. [Sabah and Sarawak 3-Jan-2019]:

Posted by unifi on Khamis, 3 Januari 2019

Related to issue 4. [Sarawak 29-Dec-2018]:

#unifiAlerts Terkini berkenaan kejadian kabel putus yang disebabkan oleh kerja pembinaan di Cherating: Perkhidmatan kami…

Posted by unifi on Jumaat, 23 November 2018

Related to issue 3 [Sabah and Sarawak 23-Nov-2018]:

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Posted by unifi on Jumaat, 23 November 2018

Related to issue 1. and 2. [Nationwide 17-Nov-2018 and 19-Nov-2018]:

#unifiAlerts Sharing pictures from ground-zero where the cable cut incident happened. The team is still hard at work…

Posted by unifi on Ahad, 18 November 2018

TM Unifi and Streamyx users have been experiencing a major “core network routing issue” due to as of now unknown reasons fiber cable cutting/failure incident (confirmed it’s not a minor DNS issue as was reported as I can’t even connect to my own server in Singapore) affecting the whole country without any news or official acknowledgement. Despite starting on Saturday midnight, a major fault like this should be should be immediately made known to all users and be looked into immediately.

If you’re experiencing this, the temporary ways you can resolve this are the following:
1. use a third party VPN. Beware choosing the right VPN as there are many fishy/dangerous free VPNs. If you only need for browsing I recommend Windscribe: (my referral gives you extra 1GB bandwidth totalling 11GB). Everything should work but please note that gaming performance will likely suffer when using free VPN.

2. use a third party DNS server such as Google’s [,]. Please note that this only helps you to connect to certain websites that use a third party CDN like Cloudflare. You can either change your DNS server settings in:
a. your router for it to take effect for all devices in your home
b. just through each individual PC or mobile device
Google still works so you can do a Google search on how to do that 😂