New Pokemon Go API UK27 unknown field

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Update1: The new field called “UK27” seems to be a security signature hash designed to deter 3rd party API usage including our scanners
Update2: Official Bossland hashing maintainers have confirmed that “Missing an entire field is a massive red flag, and will almost certainly guarantee you being flagged”

Late update but all scanning have resumed. Disruptions will most certainly happen due to the new security measure

All Pokemon scanning operations have been temporarily stopped due to newly forced unknown API UK27 security mechanism. However, we will continue with LIMITED raid scanning for now.

It should be no surprised to our old users that we run a relatively small scanner operation with limited resources. Because of this, we simply could not afford to risk losing all our scanner accounts by continuing to scan now due to the huge risk of getting ‘flagged’ despite being fully functional (so far). Very sorry for any inconvenience because of this but rest assured our scanners will be back as soon as possible