Pokémon Go launching in Europe and Asia ‘within a few days’, report says

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If a Wall Street Journal report is to be believed, people from various European and Asian countries including Malaysia would soon be able to play the ground breaking Nintendo mobile game Pokémon Go ‘within a few days’ having endured delayed official releases. The report have cited ‘people familiar with plans for the game’ for the information by the established and well renown The Wall Street Journal. Although there were not official release dates released, Niantic have mentioned in their blog post that the game ‘will be available in other countries around the world in the days ahead’ so this may really end up being true.

However, no specific details such as affected countries slated for released have been mentioned but if the release of the game in the United States is anything to go by, they may really be possibly releasing for the whole of Europe and Asia. The official limited release of Pokémon Go for the United States and Australia (with various conflicting reports on availability in Japan) have so far occurred not without issues with vocal criticism of major bugs and widespread reports of server caving in under intense pressure from the incredible reception that was unexpected from Niantic the developers of the mobile game. This is reflected in a massive jump in stock market value for Nintendo whose investors are definitely happy with what the game has managed to muster given that the game was released barely a week ago on July 6.

This huge profitable week should probably see much more resources being spent on managing the official global release of the game that is much anticipated by Pokémon fans all over the world as evident all over social media. Players in Malaysia have evidently have to endure further frustration after yet another sudden case of the game made available only to be blocked again hours later for players who have installed the game on their Android and iOS devices from unofficial channels or by illegitimate means such as some iOS uses spoofing their location to one of the currently released regions so that they can install the app. Hopefully, this would soon mark the end of the long and frustrating wait for atleast some of the players from the rest of the world who are not actively blocked