Pokemon Go Kota Kinabalu Live Map

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Announcing KK’s own Pokemon Go live map! We rely on crowd sourced captcha solving so if the map helped you in any way, please consider helping to solve some captchas to keep the map running for everyone. You can do that here: http://kk.s2g.my/bookmarklet

Facebook – FB page with simple live alerts
Telegram – Alert channel with complete spawn info
Official Lowyat Thread

Important notes:

  1. IV and moveset info have been disabled until further notice until further notice due to recent changes by Niantic to follow individual level results to determine CP valuee (info: http://s2g.my/possible-invalid-ivmoves-info-dependent-trainer-levels-unconfirmed/)
  2. Recommended browser for mobile devices is Chrome Browser. All desktop browsers should work fine
  3. Shiny Pokemon (ultra rare versions) detection impossible to be implemented as it uses a “lottery system” which means you will get individual results determined from server side
  4. You can customize almost all things such as which Pokemon, gym and raids to show! Just click the top left button to see the options
  5. Niantic is stepping up with blind and perma bans for scanners so sometimes scanners will be disrupted. We will do our best to resolve all issues