Pokemon Go Live Map – 2018 Major Overhaul Changelog

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Early 2018 Overhaul Changelog (Update: 25 February 2018)
[Note: Please reset settings via top right button if you haven’t since this new overhaul was implemented]
1. Full weather support including displaying boundary cells and if boosted for spawns
2. Full EX(clusive) Raid and gym detection support. You are able to toggle to only show gyms and raids that are eligible for EX Raid
3. Full OpenStreetMap map tile/style support which is what Pokemon Go uses for everything from Pokemon spawn biome and EX Raid park boundary. [You can enable this at Top left button (Options) -> Style -> Map Style]
4. WebMap settings export/importing. [Please do not export settings until you performed ‘reset settings’ as indicated above]
5. Removed previous ‘clustering’ display. This means you can see all Pokemon based on your settings despite being zoom out
6. Expanded coverage for all existing areas. [No new coverage planned yet due to very limited resources despite resource scaling/optimizations]

Todo (expect these soon):
1. Highly detailed stats page showing statistics for gyms, raids, Pokemon and many others
2. 24/7 IV and misc. information scanning for all areas
3. Resolve stability issues: notifications, IV scanner, new map coverage

Known issues:
1. ‘Start map at my position’ feature not working despite allowing location access and other minor UI issues. [Fix: Reset settings via top right button OR performed clear cache on your browser]
2. Some gym/raid info missing when using the previous display of NOT using gym sidebar (New default: gym sidebar enabled)
3. Some EX Raid gyms/raids not detected. Info is manually retrieved based on existing scanned data so some will be missing
4. Various notification issues like rare spawns with no IV info NOT appearing and boundary geofence not adhered to (eg. receiving notifications from PJ for KL channel)
5. IV scanning not working sometimes due to limited ‘3rd party resources’