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Update: Back online for the free weekend and new update

We may bring back the servers should the need arise such as new big updates and free weekends. We thank you for playing on our servers

Welcome to S2G! Currently we’re hosting the following servers. You may request for a server for your favorite game but please note we prefer not to host any barely used or empty servers.
Note: Fixed all the horizontal banners not updating

If the below stats are not showing, try:[]

Killing Floor 2
60Tick Note: You’ll need to change your client side files to fully enjoy the benefits of 60tickrate for your game! (Will still work well with normal servers)
1. Edit [ \Steam\steamapps\common\killingfloor2\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini ]:
Look for [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] paragraph (NOT [Engine.DemoRecDriver]!)
NetServerMaxTickRate=30 -> NetServerMaxTickRate=60
LanServerMaxTickRate=35 -> LanServerMaxTickRate=60
2. Restart game
3. ???
4. Profit with 60Tick gameplay

3 October – ALL our servers are now running the public official release version (please opt out of beta if you are still in). Please refer here for full details:
7 September – ALL our servers are now opt in for the beta preview of the new update. Please refer here for details in opting in:
15 July – New maps mostly tested fine and will be applied to all servers
1 August – foundry map version mismatch issue resolved. Please report such issues so we can quickly resolve it

Killing Floor 2 #1
Killing Floor #2
Killing Floor 2 #3
Killing Floor 2 #4
Killing Floor 2 #5
Killing Floor 2 #6
Killing Floor 2 #7
Killing Floor 2 #8
Killing Floor 2 #9

Left 4 Dead 2
30 July – Testing with dynamic difficulty

Team Fortress 2
30 July – Now stable

15 July – Map votes currently not working but !rtv may work

Don’t Starve Together
30 July – Numerous crashes has been happening. Please report to us if this happens so we can bring it up
1 August – Starting experimental multi-core mode and stress testing 20 slots
More info:


Comments/suggestions/reports: Comment below or Mail us [email protected]