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Lowyat Thread:

Welcome to S2G! Currently we’re hosting the following servers. You may request for a server for your favorite game but please note we prefer not to host any barely used or empty servers.
Note: Fixed all the horizontal banners not updating

If the below stats are not showing, try:[]

Killing Floor 2
60Tick Note: You’ll need to change your client side files to fully enjoy the benefits of 60tickrate for your game! (Will still work well with normal servers)
1. Edit [ \Steam\steamapps\common\killingfloor2\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini ]:
Look for [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] paragraph (NOT [Engine.DemoRecDriver]!)
NetServerMaxTickRate=30 -> NetServerMaxTickRate=60
LanServerMaxTickRate=35 -> LanServerMaxTickRate=60
2. Restart game
3. ???
4. Profit with 60Tick gameplay

3 October – ALL our servers are now running the public official release version (please opt out of beta if you are still in). Please refer here for full details:
7 September – ALL our servers are now opt in for the beta preview of the new update. Please refer here for details in opting in:
15 July – New maps mostly tested fine and will be applied to all servers
1 August – foundry map version mismatch issue resolved. Please report such issues so we can quickly resolve it

Killing Floor 2 #1
Killing Floor #2
Killing Floor 2 #3
Killing Floor 2 #4
Killing Floor 2 #5
Killing Floor 2 #6
Killing Floor 2 #7
Killing Floor 2 #8
Killing Floor 2 #9

Left 4 Dead 2
30 July – Testing with dynamic difficulty

Team Fortress 2
30 July – Now stable

15 July – Map votes currently not working but !rtv may work

Don’t Starve Together
30 July – Numerous crashes has been happening. Please report to us if this happens so we can bring it up
1 August – Starting experimental multi-core mode and stress testing 20 slots
More info:


Comments/suggestions/reports: Comment below or Mail us [email protected]