DigitalOcean $100 credit over 60days referral (requires linking payment method) [Updated 2021]

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Referral link:
If you’re a software engineer, IT enthusiast, game admin or just technically versed enough and would like try your hand in mostly headless console access based cloud hosting for trying out a new development platform, a serious project, a side project or even just a game server, then do give DigitalOcean a try! It’s easy to get started if you’re willing to learn.

Please note that the $100 will only apply upon unlocking your account by entering a valid payment method (which you can easily remove when you’re done with the trial credit). The credit is enough for multiples of 2 month’s worth of basic droplets (eg. Basic 1CPU, 2GB RAM x5 for 2 months) or 2 months of a single beastly droplet (CPU-Optimized 2CPU, 4GB RAM x1 for 2 months) for you to try out the platform. Refer here for pricing details:

Transparent disclaimer: I earn $25 when you spend your first $25 which you totally do NOT have to

Important notes:

  1. DigitalOcean charges you for droplets even when you’re not using!
  2. For CPU demanding projects of any kind like computational or game server hosting projects, highly recommended that “CPU-Optimized Droplets” be used